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Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Bra Swizzle

Yesterday I had a wardrobe (bra) malfunction at the gym. Luckily the day was saved and my boobs weren't unleashed during a bouncy Body Attack class. I sought the assistance of one of my fellow Attackers who did my bra back up securely. Thankfully for her I wasn't yet too hot and sweaty.

The malfunction reminded me of one of my original luxuries which I discovered whilst on holiday in Turkey this summer. You know when you've just showered and your skin is a bit damp (I believe this is what my Nanna used talc for) and you need to get dressed in a hurry. Or you know when your skin is slightly tender after a day in the sun. So you go to put your bra on in the time honoured way by putting the clasp to the front, doing it up and swizzling it round to the back, pulling up the straps and arranging the ladies in to their correct position.


That swizzle. You know what I'm talking about girls. It stings, it burns, it scrapes, it pulls....depending on the state of the skin and even worse, if any spare bit of stray flesh get caught in the cross fire.

Imagine not having to do the swizzle. Imagine having someone on hand every day for your every day bra challenges. On holiday this summer I had such a someone with me every day for 2 weeks. He was employed with the task of doing up my bra every day and to be honest, he took the task seriously and without questioning my blissful sighs as every day the swizzle was avoided and the ladies in their rightful place.

Having someone else do up your bra is a queen amongst life's luxuries although the man involved said that undoing the bra was more up there on his list of luxuries; closely followed by having someone on hand every day to shave him.

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