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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas in Westleton

The most serious floods since 1968 (apparently) hit our corner of the UK on 24th December. People I know had their houses wrecked with water damage and no power. So I did feel rather like I was abandoning ship when I left the village in the afternoon with the dog and 3 youngsters in a car packed with goodies.

It took us an hour to find an escape route out from the village to the motorway; every bridge over the river was under water. So arriving at Westleton was like Christmas Narnia.

This wasn't our first stay at The Westleton crown. The two other times were such bliss that we decided it was just where we wanted to be for Christmas with the family this year. A real break from tradition (apart from Christmas 2007 which we spent in Africa). I have to admit I was rather nervous about how it would all go but I really didn't need have worried. It was bliss from the moment we arrived to find our room festooned with a little Christmas Tree, doggy treats, doggy stocking and all sorts of presents. They really had thought of everything. The atmosphere is that of a stylish modern country pub with attention to every little detail. No wonder Kate and William chose to stay when they went to a local wedding a couple of years ago.

Christmas Eve was spent in the bar with a jar of Adnams, mulled wine and chestnuts and marshmallows to roast on the open fire. You know me, I will talk to anyone and everyone and so it wasn't long before we had made friends with a lovely family and where chatting like we had known each other a life time.

If you've read my blog, you'll know about my love affair with the north sea. Wow. Southwold. I just want to live there. Fancy opening your door to this every morning :

We spent the morning on the beach in Southwold with the dog, watching some crazy Christmas Day swimmers getting very cold indeed. We were warm and toasty with more Adnams outside the Lord Nelson pub, standing with the merry makers in the winter sun. 

There was no need for me to be nervous about going away at Christmas. It was kind of an adult thing to do, if you understand that. I know Christmas is all about the children but I don't have any young children any more and we did feel rather grown up with our oldest two toasting with Champagne and being very civilised. Even the dog surpassed himself with his good behaviour, getting lots of treats in the bar and chef's sausages in the morning. 

The staff at The Crown were amazing and deserve a mention. A real special bunch of youngsters waiting front of house and in the kitchen. We felt rather mean that they weren't at home with their families but that's the nature of the job I suppose. I've been there and in the not too distant future, Mr Moule will be there. She will be running around a hospital with a BNF and a bleep in her pocket. 

I was in two minds if I should write this blog about The Westleton Crown because selfishly I want to keep it to myself. But in the name of blogging I have let my followers in to this little secret. Perhaps I might see one or two of you really is one of Life's Luxuries.


  1. Sounds like the perfect way to spend Christmas. Here's hoping that village life is getting back to normal x

    1. Thank Izzie, there were still problems with flood water and one of the bridges collapsed. And it is raining AGAIN here xxxx

  2. Oh wow, what stunning photos! Merry Christmas x

  3. Thanks Vicki, you and I like a bit of outfit wasn't as beautiful as yours but I chose the A-line velvet maxi skirt with the white shirt. My daughter (21) looked amazing in the cobalt blue velvet skater dress from Ted Baker. And I can't remember what the boys wore!! xxxxxxxxxx

  4. Sounds gorgeous, was the food the delicious?

  5. It was delicious and it kept coming. Chestnuts and marshmallows for roasting on the log fire, mulled wine , mince pies......