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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Sitting down in the Shower

It has taken 3 months to re-furbish the family bathroom. I say "family bathroom" but it's not like we have lots of bedrooms and lots of bathrooms, en suites and cloak rooms. The term family bathroom makes me feel better about the fact that my children are leaving home slowly but surely. At the moment the family bathroom is used by me, Husband and two sons. Feel sorry for me......I have to share facilities with boys (Friends reference no. 1). It is a fairly small space too and now consists of the compulsory white hand basin bowl sitting on top of a vanity unit, a shower and a loo. It doesn't quite look like the computer image that the bathroom company emailed me but how was I to know the image was not to scale. So my shower tray is a little more squat than I had expected but I have just discovered it is the perfect length for my hip to toe measurement.

I just needed to sit down in the shower. Why wouldn't I? It's one of Life's Luxuries. Back against the wall with legs out stretched and water pouring on to my lap. Mr Moule introduced me to the 'sitting in shower' concept a few years ago. As the oldest child and the only girl, she was given the bedroom with the only en suite when we moved in 11 years ago. Aged 17 I found Mr Moule in her small square shower cubicle enjoying the luxury of sitting cross legged with water falling down on top of her head in pure bliss.

With Strong and Silent going to university this September, the bathroom traffic will be down to me, Husband and Willy Wonka. I need a plan to keep the dark grey floor tiles free from white toothpaste drips, the taps free from soap and the shower screens free from water marks. I'll come back to this plan in 6 months when it's novelty has worn off.

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