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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

In The Begining

There was a nurse, a mother, a wife, a sister, a friend, a musician. I'm sure there are many other ways I can be defined but for now this will do. Everyone will see something different but to me this is who I am. Could I be so much more? I wonder. What makes us who we are doesn't have to define us. Someone said to me today "you don't want to be defined by this episode".  Correct. Perhaps blogging will release a new me. All sounds terribly trivial and navel gazing but hey ho, if I don't do it I will never know. In a year or two I may be totally mortified but this first blog entry but we all have to start somewhere.

If you're really lucky I might throw in some diary entries from my diaries which I kept between the ages of 13 and 35. Some are hilarious, especially the teenage entries, and some are sad and too near the knuckle. I'm hoping to find some of Life's Luxuries by re-reading these diaries and indeed just re-reading them is one of Life's Luxuries that I have indulged in many times over the years. In bored moments there is always fun to be had by opening a diary on a random page and reading about my efforts to meet up with my latest beau away from the prying eyes of my latest fiance; or how to get First Born to sleep more than 20 minutes so I can watch Richard and Judy in peace.

Life is full of such little luxuries which can go by un-noticed. What are yours?


  1. Does keeping chickens count as a luxury?

  2. The hooded towel company, if it is one of your life's luxuries then it's a luxury. Your luxuries are your luxuries. Cluck Cluck!

  3. Since having children, it's going to the toilet in peace lol!