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Thursday, 10 October 2013


I like to think I am reasonably computer literate. When Mr Moule started playing word games on the new pc in 1996 there was no choice but to get down with the kids and follow them on their computer relationship. Progress was steady, going from word games to Disney games to SMS to Bebo and My Sapce and Facebook.Obviously their knowledge super exceeds mine now, and Strong and Silent is studying computer science at university.

Of course I remember days before the internet and mobile phones. Our children have no concept of such a life. Imagine that (they can't). It's like me growing up without TVs and therefore having never seen Grange Hill or Play Away. Brian Cant was my first crush aged about 7. Heady days!

Nowadays in 2013 we all have a relationship with the internet. Mine is a deep and meaningful and sometimes frustrating relationship. The high point of my relationship with the internet is discovering a free WIFI zone. The luxury of being in a public place and discovering the pub/gym/restaurant/tourist attraction has WIFI is a modern day euphoria. I recently kept a count of the number of times I used the internet in one day and it came to over 50, so forgive me for getting ever such a little bit excited if I can get my fix when I'm out. I'm not sure why I needed the internet whilst I was on a tour of The Houses of Parliament but I believe it was something of a state matter.

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